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"How to Beat Moving Anxiety" - Pastor Corey Randell

Sunday, October 23, 2022 - Bethel Pentecostal Church, Barrhead, Alberta


The only way to avoid moving anxiety completely is don't move!  But that's not realistic.  We can't stay here!

Life is designed to move us and grow us!  


Joshua 3:1-5  "You've not been where I'm about to take you... If you're willing to follow me, I will take you to my promise."

v. 5: "consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you."


Sometimes God will do things to nudge us in the direction He wants us to go.

God has a "NEXT" for you.

You're never meant to stay where you are forever.

First, we need "Preparation"

Preparation provides perspective.  "You make your choices, your choices don't make you."

There are certain things you can't travel with: fear, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness...

"Let go and Let God"


Hoarders will never invite people over because they are ashamed of the mess inside.  People can be like that with their hearts too... afraid to let people get too close because they might see the "mess" inside...


Don't be a "Spiritual Hoarder"

Get rid of the baggage- you can't move forward with baggage (ie: unforgiveness) in your heart.

It can't be about our "preferences"- we are all different and have unique points of view and preferences.  We need to learn to get along and make allowances for eachothers differences.  Strive for peace and unity.

There are things we need to let go of for God to use us for His Glory.

Let go of the junk.  OFF-Load- Take it to goodwill, so to speak...

We can't stay here.


For us as a church to move forward, we need to allow God to move in us.

Do we want our church family to grow?

  • We need to think differently
  • Be Open to what God wants to do ("See I am doing a New thing")

If you want to move to your NEXT, you have to leave some things behind!


It's not about US!  It's about connecting people with Jesus!

Let go of hurt, anger and bitterness.

Until you deal with what you need to deal with, God isn't going to use you in your "NEXT"


  1. Ask for forgiveness - to move forward
  2. Apologize for holding bitterness in your heart - this lifts a huge weight off your shoulders!


Perspiration - the Hard Work of Change

  • It's tough when you're moving to where God wants you to be
  • Life takes work (moving and growth)

It's time to clean up - purge the junk...

Volunteer to serve - if you see something that needs to be it! (Don't wait to be asked!)

Be willing to serve wherever He wants you!


Consecrate= dedication to a sacred purpose.  To make a sacred/holy commitment.  It's more than just a's deeper...made with your whole heart.


God will do amazing things among you.  Your tomorrow is coming.  You are being prepared for your "NEXT"

Your future is brighter than your past.


Steps to Help You Move Forward:

  1. Prepare your heart - Pray!
  2. YOU have to choose to work at it!
  3. Dedicate yourself

Ask God to work on You, not your (perceived) problem!

Serve - find something to DO to help in the Church to work in and for God's Kingdom!

Forgive the past to move forward into your NEXT!


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