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Bethel supports missions around the world in these 4 categories:  International, National, Local and Governement.

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Missions Updates:


The following videos are updates from Tim Schindel of Leading Influence Ministries as well as an idea of what to look forward to with their plans for Alberta Next Year!

Missions Updates: Newsletter from the McCrae Family

Dear Bethel PC - Missions,
What do you get when you put PAOC leaders David Wells, Murray Cornelius, Mark & Val Hazzard, Anna Rust and above all, Marie Miller, in a crowded van, driving through Medellin traffic?

60 Minutes of Holy Spirit Insanity!

Last month we were overjoyed to help host this crew, while attending a world missions conference in Medellin, Colombia. It was a time to support our friends and leaders, but also to be challenged and refreshed.

"Funny Thing" is that we also ended up doing some refreshing. Taking advantage of their visit, we had asked Murray and Anna to minister in our Bogota church the two Sundays that wrapped around the conference. We set this up months before.

But God knew, those 2 weeks our pastors were confronted with both a health and a family crisis at the same time. God brought two servants to hold them up at the perfect time and Anna especially, shared a word that ministered to the pastors at just the right moment.
A Family Miracle

A few months ago, Patty's youngest sister & her husband made a decision.

Having lost everything in the pandemic: their restaurant, online store, their personal safety and even for a time, their health, they were going to pursue a refugee claim and move to Canada.

We cannot fill in details on the reason that spurred the refugee claim, but we can now say that there was good reason, but they arrived in Canada with only their clothes and desperate hope.

As it happens, due to Colombian friends living there, they arrived in London, Ontario - my home town.

For two months, they lived in a friends basement, but had a Nov 1st deadline to move & their recently found apartment was not available until Dec 20th & they had no furniture, nothing!

Again, God knows and I had a short trip planned to Ontario because of ministry commitments, one of those led to a conversation with a pastor friend, who with no knowledge of my in-laws, suddenly offered me a house if we needed it!
And from there God opened the doors,
NO, make that floodgates!

From having nothing, and nowhere to live, they went to having a small house rented to them, at a very good price and in 8 days, it was almost fully furnished!

Friends from years past showed up with bedding and a TV, a long lost relative gave them dishes and a toaster. And a dear couple suddenly came up with couch and love seat.
And the very BIG cherry on top? Another ministry friend, who also provided a dresser and bookshelf, introduced us to a charity that provided the entire family Brand New! winter clothes, boots and some much needed clothing!

The testimony is much larger, but it seemed that they only needed to voice a need and that article would show up at the door.
Sometimes, your worst crisis can lead to your greatest miracle!
They still have some odds and end that are needed, but God has been faithful.

Please pray that Cristina and Jordani will soon get their work permits and that their girls will settle in well to their new home and country.

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Projects 2023!
Checking Up on Our Projects!
However, Medellin was not the only crazy road trip.

Over three action packed days, we were able to take Pastors Marie and Anna around Bogota and visit our projects in Chiquinquira, Moniquira and Susa.The latter being a total of 12 hours driving through the Colombian mountains.

We are excited about our Church Builds and The Refuge Boy's Home expansion. We have two work teams coming at the beginning of next year and hope that more will sign up.
Ever wanted to be part of an outreach team? We can connect you with groups that are already coming.

Darren, Patty, James & Darien