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Sermon Title: "Who's Leading Anyways?"  

By: Pastor Devon Martinsen

Bethel Pentecostal Church, Sunday, September 11, 2022


God is leading us!  God is in control!

What might not be God's desire can still be God's Will.   He is still in control of the plan even when there are bumps along the road.

Numbers 20:2

  • God uses peopel to tell His story
  • God is consistent - the Same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  
  • He puts us in circumstances where we have to choose to have faith.

God, begin by touching my heart.  Do a work in my heart and revive me.  

Don't give up - even Christians have problems.  Choose to show forgiveness, love, mercy and grace.

Take 100% of the responsibility for your share of the problem.

Pray for the church, congregation, individuals and church leadership... for healing and unity.  If God can restore and save any person, then He can certainly restore and save any church.  Thank you, Lord Jesus!


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