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Youth Takeover Sunday! | Bethel YOUTH 

Sunday, March 10th, 2024 - Bethel Pentecostal Church, Barrhead, Alberta


Timestamps: (click to watch that part)

0:00 Praise & Worship - Youth Worship Team!

27:07 Welcome and Announcements - Emma

31:30 Youth Testimonies - Russel, Isaac, Keira

46:46 Youth Leader - Aaron Lee

53:04 Youth Leader - Isaiah Mast

1:16:06 Closing Song & Prayer Time "Peace Be Still"


Worship Set:

Praise (C)

I Thank God (G)

I Speak Jesus (C)

Peace Be Still (G)


Youth Worship Team: (L-R)

Brooke Anderson - Keys/vocals

Lyla MacKinnon - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Isaak Schmeele - Cajon drum

Ewan - Electric Drums

*Payton Anderson - Worship Leader/Vocals

Aleya Mast - Vocals

Tessa Stoik - Vocals

Morgan - Bass Guitar


*Click here to watch the full replay of this Youth Takeover Sunday service!