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Bethel 5-yr Strategic Plan - Part 2

Pastor Boniface Mgonja

"In Christ Alone"

In Christ alone, my hope is foundHe is my light, my strength, my songThis Cornerstone, this solid groundFirm through the fiercest drought and stormWhat heights of love, what depths of peaceWhen fears are stilled, when strivings ceaseMy Comforter, my All in AllHere in the love of Christ I stand

Vision for the leadership of the church - 

"Connecting & growing people into a life-changing experience with God."

  • Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision the people perish..."

In everything we do, we want Jesus to receive Glory and honor!


Key Drivers:

  1. Grow - Multiply & Increase - Numerical, spiritual, geographical
  2. Connect - Fellowship & Community engagement - corporate worship, outreach, discipleship
  3. Serve - Ministry gifts & talents - willing, available, act
  4. Go - Mission & Evangelism - give, send, engage

Don't just consume...give back...

  • God has given all of us different willing to use them for available and willing to Go & Do - Serve! "this is for you, Jesus!"
  • Go and share the gospel; give towards missions and ministries...

Bethel Action Plan:


  • Challenge & Inspire
  • Identify & Recruit
  • Retention strategy
  • Activate & encourage

Growth ----> Projections - goal of 360 weekly attendance by 2028!

  • Membership = 10% annual increase
  • Salvations = 10% annual increase
  • Reach out 65 kms from Barrhead town center

Connect -

  • At least 1 monthly outreach event from any of our ministries.
  • At least 50%  of our regular attendees participate in outreach & discipleship
  • Increase our support to PAOC to 10% of general fund by 2028

Serve -

  • At least 75% of our regular attendees should be equipped and ready to serve

Go -

  • Increase global mission support from $10k to $20k per year by 2028
  • Increase local mission support from $5k to $10k/year by 2028
  • At least 1 short term mission trip/year


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