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Forged in the Spirit - Part 3: Leave Room for Jesus | Pastor Devon Martinsen

What does it mean to be good stewards in our relationships?

John 15:12-17 -

  • "This is my commandment, that you love one another..."
  • "Greater love has no one than this, but to lay down one's life for one's friends..."

It is hard to be vulnerable and put yourself out there in relationships, but "Love one another" sums up how we should handle all relationships.

The key is to strive for a relationship with Jesus.


1. Everything is God's - you are here in the relationship to serve God.  (Love one another as He loved us)

Ask yourself, "God, how can I serve you with this person?  Help me to love them they way you love me!"

2. We can only work with the Grace He's given us...

  • 'Boundaries in communication' doesn't mean you never communicate - you still need to make it happen even if you need time to process things.
  • Having boundaries shows love because it tells the other person that they can have boundaries too - we can have a genuine relationship that goes outside of 'obligation'.

3. Be a risk taker - be open about your needs in a relationship.  Be OK with giving people time and space.

  • We have to trust God to make up the difference when we are weak.
  • We need to be Christ-centered.  He is our purpose - we love for Him!

Steps to take:

  • When you're mad, pray about it.
  • Ask yourself:  "Is this something I should be upset about?  Are they really out to get me?"  (No, probably not...)
  • Know that your words won't change the other person unless they decide to do something about it...


  • Pray and ask God... "should I be upset?"  
  • How should I respond?  (Always with love and Grace the way God would with us)
  • Lord, I need your direction in this...

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