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God, Government & the Gospel - Tim Schindel

Sunday, June 12th, 2022


God - Jesus is ALWAYS King of Kings and Lord of Lords - Rev. 19:6


Government is God's idea.

  1. Sin distorts God's plan for everything including government.
  2. The world is neither preserved nor saved by governement.
  3. It is impossible to legislate morale.

We're not wired to keep the law; we're wired to follow Jesus!

The Gospel:

  • The Gospel is Good News!
  • It includes everyone.
  • Excludes no one.
  • Transforms the way followers relate to Jesus.

The "Faith Filter":

  • sees the world the way Jesus does...
  • focuses on serving and ministering to others
  • doesn't care what your politics are...

Live out your testimony with love and grace and watch the world change!

When we put our faith filter ahead of our political filter, we change the culture.

We need Hope and Faith!

Our only hope is to fully commit ourselves to living out the transforming power of the gospel in every place/space we can find!


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