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"This World is Not My Home..." | Pastor Ben Kellert 

Sunday, October 29, 2023 - Bethel Pentecostal Church, Barrhead, AB


We desperately need a move of God!


"This world is not my home...

  • ...I'm just passing through...
  • ...I'm just here recruiting!

Go & Do - the Great Commission!


Go into ALL the World and preach the Gospel - 

  • do people know you are a Christian?

If we are open to being used by the Father then He will either bring us to them or bring them to us!

God gave you another day because someone needed You!

The moment we enter into a relationship with God, we become His Ambassadors - representing Jesus Christ!


You're here because someone was praying for you! (Who was praying for you?)


Keep trusting, praying and standing in the gap - contending for the Salvation of your loved ones!!



  • "this world is not my home...I'm just here recruiting!" 
  • and... "I'm not coming alone!"
  • Lord, help me to bring as many with me to Heaven as possible!!


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