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"Uncomfortable Christianity" Part 3 - Pastor Devon Martinsen

Bethel Pentecostal Church, Barrhead, Alberta - Sunday, October 9, 2022


Armour of God:

  • Shield of Faith
  • Boots of Peace

Ephesians 6:15-16

  • Be prepared to make peace.
  • Jesus fully engages with us in a relational way.

Aim to approach eachother in a way that creates peace.  Bring reconciliation.

The shield is only useful when we are looking in the right direction - our faith needs to be in Jesus and His resurrection.


You are exposed and vulnerable when you are isolated.  When we are alone we can't see our blind spots.  We need Jesus on ALL sides!



True accountability is someone holding the shield and protecting you.  Praying for eachother and supporting eachother.  Keeping our shields linked together creates an impenetrable wall of protection.

We are the body of Christ- it's important to check in with eachother:

  • "How are you doing?"
  • "Let's pray about this..."

The longer you stay stuck in bitterness, the further you drift from God.  Let Him take that away and create a soft, forgiving heart in us.

It's easy to say we need God, but more difficult to actually walk that out.


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